All the Baby Sh*t You Need (And Don’t!)

 An evidence-based, safety conscious guide to creating your perfect baby registry!

Save Yourself Hours of Research

With this streamlined registry guide, you can be confident that the products you are registering for and purchasing are what you actually need… rather than ending up with trendy things that you’ll never use or are actually unsafe!

Skip the online articles, blog posts, and influencer TikToks that focus only on what’s popular, has the highest reviews, or fits the author’s personal preferences…this guide is based on over a decade of experience as an infant nanny, Newborn Care Specialist, and Infant Sleep Consultant. I've worked with dozens of families in all kinds of home setups, so I've seen which products seem to be universally necessary and which are the most practical, functional, or effective for the majority of babies. 


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"As an expecting parent, I wanted to make sure that not only I knew about the best and most convenient items to have for both the baby and me, but I also wanted it to be safe. Going down the rabbit hole of Dr. Google was exhausting and I felt incredibly anxious and unsure about what I actually needed. Thank GOD I found this guide! Not only is everything laid out in a super digestible way, it also explains what is actually needed in a transparent way so I can understand WHY something is needed (or not). It's so easy to get wrapped up in the "latest and greatest" items that every Instagram mom is sharing, and product safety information can fall to the wayside. By using this registry guide, I know that every item is safe and has a purpose rather than falling victim to all the marketing schemes trying to prey on my new-parent worries. I recommend this to all expecting parents - you will breathe a sigh of relief!"

“As a first time mom there’s so much conflicting information out there about what is safe or not and it can be overwhelming. This guide is amazing because it’s an evidence based, non-biased break down of what is safe and worth the money. Tara sorts through all of the AAP guidelines and puts everything into a manageable list that is easy to understand. It’s both a time and life saver and helps you feel more secure about the safety of what you bring into your house for your new baby.”

this guide is for you if:

You don’t have time to spend hours reading reviews on Amazon to figure out which products are best

You want to keep your baby safe, but are confused by so many mixed messages about what products are okay to use or not

Your budget is tight and you want to know what you really have to have and which items you can skip to save money (and will never regret not having!)

Here’s What’s Inside:

  • Detailed lists of the items you do and don’t need for every aspect of caring for your baby 
  • Explanations for why to buy or not buy different items depending on your situation
  • Evidence-based safety information on popular but dangerous baby products 
  • Dozens of baby care “pro tips” 
  • Links to infographics and additional resources
  • Links to Amazon lists with almost 100 specific product recommendations 

- Gabby

- Ally



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