Newborn Sleep Shaping Guide

Newborn Sleep Training: 
A thorough, holistic plan for daytime & nighttime

How to Train Your Newborn to Sleep Through the Night

I've created this guide to walk new parents through the process of sleep shaping with their newborn. Sleep shaping involves creating predictable routines, implementing good sleep hygiene, and teaching independent sleep - aka sleep training - by helping your baby learn to be able to fall asleep unassisted and to fall back asleep unassisted during both daytime and nighttime sleep periods.

When you get all this in place, then most babies are able to night wean and sleep for an extended, i.e. 11-12 hour, period overnight without eating by the time they are 12 weeks old! 


My proven process for success with sleep shaping, including detailed information on:
  • how to following a consistent (but flexible) feeding schedule to ensure caloric needs are being met 
  • how to maintain appropriate limits on awake time based on age, and encourage intentional interactive/“play” time during the day
  • how to create a sleep environment conducive to safe and restful sleep
  •  how to follow an approximate schedule for sleep times (based on your baby's sleep cues) and develop consistent naptime and bedtime routines
  • how to teach your baby to learn the skill of independent sleep using newborn-specific methods
  • how to take care of your mental well-being as the parent during this process

"This guide is unbelievably thorough - blew us away! There were so many pieces of the puzzle that we didn't think had anything to do with how our newborn was sleeping - well, actually wasn't sleeping! Not only did this help us get our baby sleeping 11 hours overnight by the time she was 10 weeks old, but I think we both feel much more confident about her eating and going back to work was much easier for me because we shared this guide with my mom who is watching her and so I know we're all on the same page."

Here’s What’s Inside

You don't have much experience with babies, and are feeling overwhelmed by all the information out there, so you're looking for a practical, concise reference to help you feel more confident about meeting your baby's needs

This guide is for you if:

You work in a demanding job mentally, emotionally, or physically, and so it's important to you to have your baby sleeping well overnight by the time your maternity leave ends
You want a better understanding of what a newborn's routine looks like and how to create more predictable days and nights for the whole family from the very start
You know how badly it affects you when you're sleep deprived, and you want to learn how to start getting as much sleep as possible as soon as you can

- Brittany



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