Similar to a birth plan, this is a written plan for your and your partner’s goals and preferences for the first few months after bringing your baby home.

Postpartum Care Plan and Workbook

Maximizing Your Sleep and Sanity
During the 4th Trimester

No matter how much you prepare, the first few weeks are exhausting and terrifying for every new parent, but I am dedicated to changing the narrative that parenthood, and motherhood in particular, requires sacrificing your sleep and your sanity. This plan will help you to maintain both of those things as much as possible while you adjust to your new life with baby!

*This guide is most helpful if read prior to bringing your baby home, but newly postpartum parents will still find the information and resources useful in supporting their initial adjustment and improving their newborn's sleep! 


  • how to build up your support system
  • planning for how you want to handle visitors and making sure you are able to meet your basic needs in those early weeks
  • identifying resources and support available if you need help with feeding or with your baby's sleep
  • planning for emotional self-care and resources for postpartum mood issues
  • planning for getting help with household tasks and pet/sibling care
  • how to nurture your relationship with your partner during this transition

"There is so much emphasis on prepping for having the baby that even thinking of postpartum goes out the window. This workbook helped me know about important aspects of the fourth trimester I probably wouldn’t have thought of. I now feel really prepared for all the conversations that need to happen with my partner before the baby arrives, and I know that going through these prompts will really help prevent miscommunications and conflict down the line. As someone who really values their mental health, it was so validating to have a guide that focuses on planning for my needs in addition to the baby's. Overall, I feel so much more confident and know this workbook is setting my partner and I up for success!"

Here’s What’s Inside

You want one organized resource where you can keep track of all your planning and prep for after the baby comes home

This guide is for you if:

You’re ready to start planning for the 4th trimester, but you’re not sure what you need to research or talk about with your partner

You want things written out ahead of time to easily share with healthcare providers or others in your support system so they can know how to help even if you’re stuck in new parent brain fog

You want to reduce your risk of developing a postpartum mood disorder by increasing your knowledge and awareness of potential difficulties and having a plan ahead of time for how you will handle problems 

- Alexandra



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