The First Two Weeks After Birth

How to Not Just Survive, but Enjoy,
the First Two Weeks Home With Baby

Build Your Confidence and Get More Sleep

I've created this guide to help new parents to feel more prepared, calm some of the most common fears and anxieties, and know how to get as much sleep as they can as quickly as possible (spoiler - it’s a lot earlier than you’ve probably been led to believe!).

* This guide is most helpful if read prior to bringing your baby home, but newly postpartum parents will also find the information and resources useful in supporting their initial adjustment and better understanding how to care for their baby (even beyond the first two weeks)! 


  • Basic care (diapering, bathing, dressing)
  • Key information and tips for all feeding methods
  • How to ensure baby is getting full feedings
  • What to do during wake times
  • Soothing techniques
  • Setting up a safe sleep environment
  • Implementing healthy sleep habits from the start
  • Taking care of your mental well-being 

"I had anxiety and depression before getting pregnant. I had already talked to my therapist about the importance of getting enough sleep, but this guide helped me feel confident that I do NOT have to spend $$$ hiring overnight help for weeks on end just to get that sleep. Since having my baby, I have struggled with PPA, but I feel so much better knowing she is sleeping safely and my mental health has been pretty good so far because I'm getting enough sleep. I am still in awe at how well my baby is sleeping already, but Tara was right - it IS possible!"

Here’s What’s Inside

You don't have much experience with babies, and despite taking a class through your hospital, you are still feeling unprepared or nervous, and want a thorough, but concise reference you can continue to look back on 

This guide is for you if:

You're eager to learn, but reading a 300 page book on baby care or infant sleep just is NOT gonna happen - you're ready for a condensed version of the key things you need to know to feel ready for those first few weeks
You want a better understanding of what a newborn's routine looks like and how to create more predictable days and nights for the whole family from the very start
You know how badly it affects you when you're sleep deprived, and you want to learn how to start getting as much sleep as possible as soon as you can

- Nicole



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